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Best online casinos 2022

There has recently been a harsh boost in online casino sites, making it harder for players to choose the best online casinos to win money. Fortunately for you, we're here to make it as simple as possible to locate reputable real money online casinos. To help you with this, we have extensively researched the most popular online casinos available in the industry.

List of online casinos

Here is a random list of the online casinos:

  • LynxBet Casino
  • HighBet Casino
  • Arlekin Casino
  • Casino
  • Emojino Casino
  • Wild Tokyo Casino
  • CasiGo Casino
  • Casino Universe
  • Fairspin Casino
  • Captain Spins Casino

How to play casino online?

Over the years, the number of online casino sites has exploded. Nowadays, internet casinos are preferred by the majority of players over their land-based counterparts. This saves them time and money on transportation and other inconvenient aspects.

Top online casino sites

You should only play at legitimate real money online casinos to have fun online gambling. There is a broad spectrum of quality in online casinos, from those that have been banned to those that take a responsible stance on casino gaming. Our top-rated online casino list is meant to assist you in making an informed decision when selecting an online gambling venue. Read on to learn how to make the most of this resource: 1. Check out the best online casinos we recommend, complete with ratings, reviews, bonuses, language support, game libraries, and deposit/withdrawal choices. 2. The second way to get more information about a casino is to click the "Read Evaluation" option, which will take you to our review of the casino and user reviews made by community members. 3. Click the "Visit casino" option if you're ready to start playing or simply curious to check out the casino's website. You may sign up for a real money casino account and begin playing right away. The best casino should provide the following bonuses and promotions: Bonuses offered by top online casino sites Gamblers love casino online bonuses because they increase their chances of winning or offer them something extra in exchange for making a deposit. Optimobet offers not only the most extensive collection of casino reviews but also the largest database of deposit and no deposit bonuses. Therefore, we can also assist you in your quest for financial incentives. Each of the best online casinos we've reviewed has a bonus mentioned, and you can learn more about those offers in reviews. If bonuses are your priority, however, it may be more efficient for you to go straight to our casino bonus database. To avoid playing at untrustworthy online casino websites, be cautious about accepting offers from trusted sites. Responsible and safe gambling unwary gamblers risk developing a significant addiction to the pastime. For this reason, you should always play responsibly, avoiding risky behavior that might lead to compulsive gambling. If you want to find out more, check out our piece on risk-free gambling. You may also find a wealth of additional information in our problem gambling area, such as how to get help if you believe your gambling habits are becoming problematic. You should get aid from a qualified specialist if anything like that occurs.

Basic types of bonuses at reputable online casinos

Welcome Bonus - Most online casinos provide new players with a welcome bonus package designed to maximize their first investment in the site. When a gambler signs up for a new account, the first thing they do is look for a reliable payment method so they can fund their account and begin gambling. Players can use a specialized start-up kit to get them off to a good start. This bonus package includes mainly a match bonus and some free slots online. Any deposit made by a player will be matched up to a certain maximum amount by the casino as part of a promotion known as a match-up bonus. The player would get €100 in bonus funds in addition to the initial €100 deposit if the prize were 100% up to €100. No deposit bonus – Money added to the user's balance for doing something specific. You may use it for whatever you choose, such as placing several bets on slot machines, table games, or even some lottery games. A bonus that requires no initial deposit is quite unusual in live casinos. This contest is available at our workplace at the time of their participation. You will earn a certain amount of extra spins as part of this offer. You will be informed promptly of when the Promotion will be ending. Bonus funds are restricted to those above the age of majority in their country of residence who are actively using the casino gaming service. The Promoter and its affiliates may verify your age and identity. There is a time restriction on using bonus spins, and only certain games are eligible. The list of available games may be accessed at any time by clicking the corresponding button on the homepage. Free Spins may be split amongst many selected games at the player's discretion. The promotional offer will expire if you do not use the link supplied to you through SMS to claim it. You can only utilize the bonus on the Promoter's games and can't give it away. A win occurs only when the player has used all of their Bonus Spins. Suppose any of the withdrawal requirements are not satisfied in full. In that case, all bonuses, promotional offers, and any profits from gambling on any of those above will be nullified. Free spins - You may get a perk when gambling online. In other words, you get a certain amount of free turns on a specific slot machine. One might find them as a no-deposit bonus or bundle with deposit bonuses. You may try it out with little to no risk, thanks to the fact that you can get these bonuses at several casinos that need as little as a single Euro (or another supported currency). No strings attached since any money you earn while using your free spins is yours to keep. However, there are conditions attached to these benefits. You must use the spins on the slot machines included in the offer, and you have a definite amount of time to do so before the spins expire, as detailed in the bonus's terms and conditions. Additionally, they have their own set of wagering rules, including a somewhat high wagering requirement. As a result of the above, it is essential to read the fine print of any unexpected bonus's Terms & Conditions page to understand its operation before claiming it fully. In slot machines, the bonus is a genuine opportunity to win cash. They're an excellent method to bulk up your gambling funds without putting any of your own money on the line. Keep in mind that the essential purpose of this kind of bonus is to familiarize you with the casino that is offering it. Use this time to look around and check if they have any of your preferred games besides slots. That way, you can make educated guesses and maybe earn real money with little effort. Loyalty program - Every real money casino offers specific perks to its best customers to retain them. These features often include online stores selling promotional things that can be purchased with loyalty points, unique games, and player-versus-player tournaments offering jackpots and exotic vacations. Lower bonus wagering requirements, increased gaming limits, and even greater withdrawal restrictions are highly sought-after features. Loyalty program perks are notoriously difficult to categorize.

Top Online Gambling Sites

Choose an Online Casino It's undeniable that operating an online casino is a lucrative venture. Nearly every week sees a new online casino's launch and subsequent demise. More than 2500 online casinos are available to gamers at this time. Choosing the best online casinos from so many options might be difficult. It's not. It's essential to consider factors that may not be obvious to the uninitiated while picking an online casino. If you want to play at the most OK online casino for you, you should make sure it accepts online casino players from your country and has a good reputation for being fair and paying out prizes. Second, you may pick a real money casino based on other criteria, such as the availability of customer care in your language, the online casino website design, or the variety of online casino games it offers. We only include casinos that meet these criteria on our list of recommended gambling sites. To help you locate the best online casino websites, there is a compiled list of options you can easily filter. Pay attention if the casino fully welcomes players from your country Online gambling is illegal in many jurisdictions throughout the world. Insist on a 100% acceptance rate from the casino for players from your country of residency. Not all jurisdictions enforce this ban on casinos, though. Not all nations can pressure casinos operating in countries with lax gaming laws. However, many reputable online casinos now shy away from players from these nations. A casino may allow players from such countries to sign up and play, but in the event of a victory, they will ask for evidence of citizenship in another nation. Using their terms and conditions, they want to use this clause. Watch out for the online casino’s reputation

You may compare online casino sites to an insurance firm. After a disaster and the insurance company has paid out on your claim, you will only know whether you have a reputable insurance provider. Win a large sum and see how quickly the casino handles your withdrawal to learn if you're playing at a reputable online casino site or not. In numerous well-documented instances, gamblers at internet casinos were outright defrauded.

Some of the most typical forms of cheating include: When a player wins an appropriate amount at the casino, the establishment often refuses to pay out the prize:

  • The casino will not honor the win since it has been flagged as a technical glitch.
  • The casino sets a win requirement before allowing play to continue.
  • To discourage players from cashing out their more incredible wins, the casino has implemented unreasonable withdrawal limitations.
  • Withdrawal times are arbitrarily slowed down by the casino (for weeks or even months). The casino drags out the identification check process as long as possible.
  • To avoid paying out rightful earnings, the casino uses additional justifications.

The payout percentages on the casino's rigged, unlicensed games are much lower than on the fun with a higher regulation standard. All too frequently, the games are carbon copies of fan favorites created by dishonest studios that change very little from the source material. Third, there is usually a language in the player agreement that prohibits bonus exploitation. Every player that cashes out their bonus is considered a bonus abuser, and the casino will confiscate all of their bonus funds. Because of these tactics, it's wise to research a casino's standing in the industry before putting down any cash. We've done the legwork for you and regularly verify each online casino site's legitimacy on our recommended list.

Respected regulator

One need for a nation to host an online casino site is that its laws permit internet gaming. All legitimate online casinos have their operations based in a specific country (or territory with a particular statute - jurisdiction). The state that wishes to regulate and tax the online gambling of its citizens issues the license; this is the case in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Romania, and other countries, the state that wishes to allow casinos to conduct international business, issues the license; this is the case in Malta, Curacao, Gibraltar, and other countries.

If a casino refuses to pay up your rightful gains, you may only take your case to the governing body that authorized the casino to operate in the first place. Only then will it become clear why it is crucial to choose a casino based on the jurisdiction that gave its license. An intelligent casino gaming regulator will never compromise their impartiality in favor of the gambling industry. Every formal complaint should be evaluated and investigated by him with equal diligence. A casino may agree to revoke its license if it is found to have committed egregious rule violations.

You could have luck getting fair treatment from specific authorities, but generally, their attitude will be relaxed. It is possible to add Curaçao and Gibraltar to this group. Malta, Alderney, and the Isle of Man are three examples of reputable licensing bodies on the other end of the spectrum. In the event of a dispute with a gambling establishment that has a license from at least one of these organizations, you should have a good chance of seeing justice done.

Profits commensurate with your chosen stakes, restricting withdrawals to a manageable level The insurance industry is helpful as an analogy once again. Is it OK to insure your home with a business that takes in less each year than your home is worth? Probably not. You'd have to sue your insurance company if your house burnt down since they don't have the funds to compensate you. It might force them into bankruptcy, in which case you wouldn't get your money back. A parallel may be seen with internet gambling establishments. A big victory at a tiny casino may seriously affect the money coming in and out of the establishment. The casino will have a considerable incentive to cheat in such a scenario. The casino may go bankrupt if things keep going downhill. Then it's not a matter of being dishonest or honest; they just can't afford it. Because they don't want to turn away their wealthiest customers, casinos hate having to establish betting restrictions on their games. The volatility of specific slot machines is so high that a single spin may result in a payout of up to five thousand times the initial wager, More honest gambling establishments get around this by imposing a limit on cash outs. In such a scenario, you can see that the casino doesn't make much money and that withdrawing a large sum of cash would take years. The least accountable gambling establishments don't do anything about it and instead cross their fingers that nobody wins a million dollars.

Before putting down any money, verify that the casino has the financial means to honor its payout obligations. Always depend on the finest; if you play slots, be sure the casino can afford to pay out even if you win 5,000 times your initial wager. Your mental health will likely suffer if you win a substantial sum and the casino refuses to pay you.

The casino offers your favorite games.

If you prefer a particular game, you may only want to play at online casinos that provide that game. By browsing the casinos on our page, you can easily choose an online gambling establishment with games developed by your preferred software developer. Different gamers have different tastes in online casino games. Playing blackjack, baccarat, or roulette is a favorite pastime of several of them. Some casinos, as if regular roulette weren't exciting enough, want to try out novel variations. Double ball roulette, in which online casino players have two chances to win the progressive jackpot, and Key Wager roulette, in which players may place an extra bet, are two such variations. You'll find both at the cutting-edge casino we recommend, LeoVegas. Our list is again helpful if you enjoy live dealer games, which are gaining popularity. Slot machines are another kind of gaming. The variety of games available at various casinos sets them apart from one another. If slot machines are your preferred gambling method, be sure the casino you're considering has a wide selection. If you're a fan of traditional slot machines like Sizzling Hot Deluxe and Book of Ra, or you'd want to try your luck at the Mega Moolah slot machine, you'll be happy to see your favorite game included on the list of available options.

You can speak your language with the casino

Numerous gambling establishments try to localize their online casino sites into as many languages as possible. If a casino targets players from a specific nation, it will likely provide service in that country's native tongue. Help like this might be invaluable if you cannot communicate in English. If a casino cares about its customers' ability to grasp the game's rules, it should provide a translated version of its website and terms and conditions. You won't need the assistance of your English-speaking buddy to answer any queries or settle minor issues.

Fast and helpful customer support

Bonus conditions, site regulations, and the functionality of certain features should all be verified before beginning play at any online casino. Time is of importance in customer service. A live chat feature, staffed by a knowledgeable and kind human being around the clock, is the gold standard for customer service. A polar opposite is a phone number you can't get through or an email address where you may submit your concerns and complaints and then wait three days for a response.

Attractive and convenient bonuses

The goal of every respectable online casino is to win over new players by offering bonus promos. By making the most of available benefits, a player who plays often may drastically lower the financial burden of his pastime. There are also gamers whose entire strategy is to exploit bonuses to make a consistent profit. Even if bonus abuse is not your intention as an online casino player, it is still beneficial to get some understanding of the complex web of bonuses and regulations. Some of the best casino bonuses have such advantageous terms that accepting them is a no-brainer, while others have such terrible terms that it's not worth taking them. With a deposit bonus, for instance, you'll have to gamble both your initial deposit and any bonus money you get before withdrawing any of your winnings. This offer has excessively high wagering requirements, preventing you from starting your earnings until you've met those criteria.

Easy to navigate and graphically pleasant website

The online casino's website not only shapes your initial image of the casino but also affects your overall satisfaction with the gaming experience. You may, of course, play at a casino whose website is unintelligible and clumsily designed, but doing so will not be nearly as entertaining. Rule of thumb: sites for larger casinos tend to be more robust. There is potential for a casino's online design to become a battleground for rival establishments. On our recommended casinos list, contemporary design and user-friendliness, especially on mobile devices. Online casino websites with a poor design may indicate a small budget, a new casino, or an inexperienced IT department. But don't judge a casino only on its webpage; read player reviews.

Support mobile casino games

Online gamers in the present day seek the convenience of playing on devices other than personal computers, such as smartphones and tablets. Instead of using a computer, why not relax in a chair or even carry your games with you everywhere you go? For this reason, mobile gaming accessibility is only natural to raise the bar for excellence in online casinos. You may rely on us to ensure that your chosen casino is up-to-date in supporting mobile-casino games. Our list of casinos also includes information on whether or not they are compatible with mobile devices.

Deposit and withdrawal options and fees

Consider the casino's deposit and withdrawal methods carefully before signing up. Debit card processing times and fees should be taken into account when making a purchase. Depositing money into a bank account might take up to seven business days. Not all casinos accept this kind of deposit. Some players use prepaid cards like Paysafecard, while others prefer e-wallets. In a smaller number of cases, customers may make deposits using their cell provider. Consequently, we included a section on deposit methods for each casino in our recommended sites.

Top Rated Online Casinos

Any casino can't be the best choice for players across the board. The finest online casino for one player may be a horrible pick for another due to differences in requirements and preferences. However, we have analyzed hundreds of casinos to see how they handle their players. We have also considered local aspects of each nation with the assistance of local testers. Our research has led to a ranking of best to worst for these casinos, so the best option should be at the top.

Play at an online casino and win real money

House edge is a term used to describe the inherent advantage that casinos have over players in their games. Still, it's possible to strike it rich despite the odds stacked against you. However, the odds of ending up with a loss rather than a win increase significantly the longer you stay playing. It's highly suggested that if you find yourself in a position to win, you pay out your profits as soon as possible. A large number of gamblers have won tens of thousands of euros, only to lose it all within a few days or weeks (in some instances considerably sooner) because they kept playing instead of withdrawing their money. For this reason, we advise players not to waste their gains if they strike it rich. And it's always a plus when playing at reliable online casinos.

Safe play in online casinos

There are online casinos that can be trusted, and there are others that have less than honorable motives. You may be sure that you will get your earnings and be appropriately treated if you play at a reputable casino. Problems, such as not being paid out of your wins, are more likely to occur, however, if you bet at a casino with a bad reputation. To this end, we place a premium on making a well-informed decision when picking a casino.

Game fairness in online casinos

You will probably lose money in a casino than win money because the house has a statistical advantage in all games. The casino can't influence the results of a game round since it is run by the firm that made the game, not the casino. There is no way that casinos may gain an even more significant benefit than the stated house edge by tinkering with the games they provide. Most dishonest online casinos utilize phony games to deceive players and boost their earnings, but you won't find any of them at a site we recommend. During our reviews, if we come across a casino that is using phony games, we immediately lower their rating and provide a warning to our users. However, fraudulent games seem real but have altered odds and rewards.

Find a casino that you can trust

Choose one of the largest casinos we've examined since they tend to have the greatest reputation among players and a high volume of revenue. Moreover, suppose a casino has a high rating from our reviewers. In that case, it signifies that its players are typically treated fairly and that the casino does not attempt to fool its players. Regarding player security, larger casinos are preferable because of their more significant financial resources and ability to pay enormous sums of money. Read our comprehensive analysis of any casino you're considering before signing up for an account to determine whether it's a suitable fit.

Devices that online casinos support

The vast majority of online casinos are accessible from any device with a browser and an internet connection. Popular mobile devices and desktop OSes are supported. This includes Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Casinos that aren't compatible with mobile devices are slowly but surely dwindling in number. Make sure the casino you pick is compatible with your mobile device by using the 'Mobile-friendly casinos' option or by visiting our list of online casinos optimized for mobile play.

Currencies that are supported in online casinos

The casinos that accept your currency of choice are those that cater to your own country's residents. In addition to the US dollar, Euro, and British pound, many online casinos now accept various other, less popular currencies. Use the 'Currency' option to narrow your search to just those online casino sites that take your chosen payment method. You may make a deposit using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more at several online casinos. You may use the filter for "Bitcoin/crypto casinos" up top to find them, or you can visit our dedicated page with a list of the top Bitcoin and cryptocurrency casinos to play at.

Most profitable online casinos

Payout percentage (RTP) has nothing to do with the casino you play at but with which games you engage. For the most part, if you play the same game at two different casinos, your odds of winning are the same. While it's true that some game providers offer their games in different variations so that casinos can pick the one with the highest return to player percentage, the truth is that the games you play and the strategies you employ are far more likely to determine how much money you walk away with than the casino itself.

Casino games that are most popular in top-rated casinos

Online Slots

Since Charles Fey created the first slot machine in 1899, not little has changed in terms of how to play the game. Now, slot machines are the most played casino online game. A player places a wager and spins reels on which various symbols appear. When these reels cease spinning, they all halt at different places. A winning combination is when the reels stop so that a line of identical symbols is formed. The more unusual the characters that produce a win, the more remarkable that success will be. The paytable specifies the value of the prize for each successful combination. Every savvy slot player should know that the unpredictability of slots has numerous fascinating repercussions. While the randomness of mechanically stopped reels has been replaced with computer-generated random numbers, the essential ideas are the same. Each legally operating gaming service adheres to these randomization standards.


Each of you has undoubtedly been exposed to scratchcards sold by street sellers, kiosks, or even the post office, and many of you may have given in to the temptation. Use a coin or a nail to scratch off the playing area on the scratchcard, and you'll find out immediately whether you won. Even if you just win a tiny amount, you may walk away with the money in your palm. Since paper scratchcards are printed in batches, it should be possible for the whole nation to keep tabs on whether or not the jackpot has been won. On the other hand, a random number generator determines the percentage of winners in an online lottery. That is the fundamental point of distinction.

Video Poker

The pervasive allure of VPMs invites the question, "Why?” Virtually everybody who has gambled in a brick-and-mortar establishment will have encountered a Video Poker machine at some point. Some casinos even provide complimentary beverages to players who play video poker at the bar. Is it the need for expertise or the ease of playing with a touch screen? Perhaps the potential for a significant payoff at any given hand of Video Poker, especially the mystical Royal Flush, can provide a progressive jackpot in certain games. Video poker is simple to pick up and play. Still, it takes a lot of practice to become good enough to take advantage of the game's high theoretical RTP (payback percentage), which may exceed 100% in certain situations.


These days, you can't go to a casino and not see at least one table dedicated to roulette. There is a high level of familiarity with it around the globe, and it is also simple to grasp. I do not doubt that you can go to a roulette table and start playing the game without ever reading a single word about it. But I think it's crucial not to skimp on the groundwork. You need to be familiar with the rules of roulette and the many wagers you may make to enjoy the game, whether you play it at a land-based casino or online. This article was written to explain why.

Blackjack Online

Blackjack is a fun and thrilling card game that can be played in a few different variations, each with its own rules and strategy that are worth familiarizing oneself with. Blackjack, or Vingt-et-un as it was called in France, first gained popularity in French casinos in the 18th century. It's a straightforward card game with roots in the 17th-century variant of a game called "twenty-one," which has been around for centuries. The works of the Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes include the first known written use of the term. The term "blackjack" comes from a player's unique payout when they have an ace of spades and a blackjack. Over the years, this facet of the game has grown unnecessary, but the name of the game itself has remained the same. Knowing the rules of blackjack is crucial since the player's success, or failure depends entirely on his strategy and decision-making skills. People who prefer to think ahead and plan their actions appreciate the game since their ability to play the game optimally decide the amount to which the casino's advantage may be minimized.