Privacy policy relates seriously to the privacy policy. In this privacy policy we thoroughly tell who we are, how we collect, send or use your personal data. The following also describes how to exercise your privacy rights

About us (“we” or “us” ) this site is the comparison of gambling. Our site lets its users ( “you or “the data subject”) know more about the operators of online gambling or decide that operators are suitable for you.

Information that we are gathering

usage data - we gather certain information related regarding your use of this site. This data includes the pages you visited, the operators that you clicked, your IP address, URL address, links when going to the site, the types of browsers, the types of devices, screen resolution,language preferences, access time.

Personal data - if you sign on our link, we need your email, to send the content to your mailbox. During signing, the nature of this action will clearly indicate what content will be sent to you, confirming the unsubscribe process or confirming if your data will be transferred to third parties. All send emails contain an unsubscribe link.

We can not identify you according to this data

How we gather information

Usage data is gathered through weblogins and pixels/ scripts by tracking data. The site also sends file cookies to your system,to provide data processing of using. Any other personal data is gathered with filling in the forms, for example subscribe to the newsletter or registration.

How we use the information

Usage data is gathered to increase comfort of using this site for the end users and facilitate the optimization of the company’s marketing activities. It can be used for answering the questions rapidly and comfortably. We can use the data for segmentation and personalization of the site for you. We also can use data to detect and prevent security related problems and fraudulent activities.

Usage data is used to represent current offers, contents or information to the users on email timely.

We will not sell, spread or rent out your personal data to the third parties. If we don’t have permission or are not required by law

We do not automate profiling with the use of personal data

How we share information

Advertising partners - we can share the data about using with advertising partners, to increase the effectiveness and decrease the risk of fraud.

Service providers - like in many organisations , some of our business functions are sent to the contractors, for instance, web hosting or email marketing service providers. Any kind of data processing by the contractors is only for a specific purpose, their roles are quired as data handlers

Law enforcement agencies - if it is required by law, we can pass personal data to perform our legal duties

Potential buyer - we can pass usage data to the third parties or their consultants, if we are contacted in connection with the potential sale of the part or our whole business.

Any other changes of personal data are agreed with you

Pay attention when you go to the link to one the operators which are mentioned in this site, you go to the third-party site and we do not control it.

Files cookies and tracking technologies.

Files cookies are small files which keep certain data. We use file cookies to improve our site and improve the relationship with our users, allowing them to analyze the user’s actions and using the site. In total these sites help us to provide you the best sites, allowing us to track what kind of pages you find attractive or not. Files cookies do not give us access to your computer or any information about you except data which you want to share with us. By using this site you agree to use the files cookie too. You can control files cookies from your browser including deleting certain files cookies or completely turning off them. Support management guides of files cookies are available on the internet for all kinds of browsers .

We use main files cookies through our own domain, and third-party cookies served by third-party domains/ service providers.

Basic files cookies.- they are set with us and simplify data processing. Viewing templates and sources of web traffic. also segmentation of the content

Third-party cookies

They are set by third-party domains/ service providers.

Legal basis

The general data of protected regulation provides various legal bases for data processing. We will process your data to follow your legal interests, to go against the fraud. To improve the working of sites and analyse the advertisement company’s effectiveness


This site is for adults from 18 and above. We do our best not to allow kids to access this site. We intentionally do not work on personal data of underages, and if we hear about any juvenile personal data, we will follow our internal processes to erase in accordance with your data protection rights.

Data protection rights

We use suitable and smart technologies and organised methods to protect your personal data. This includes encrypting any personal data which we keep, minimizing the amount of stored data and adhering the organizational processes that govern how we process data.

Your data protection rights.

As a subject of data you have a right to access, correct, delete, return or restrict your personal data which we keep about you. To make a request, contact us, we will follow our internal processes to fulfill your request on appropriate timing. We will keep copies of your messages which you send us due to this kind of request.

Changes in privacy policy

Any kind of changes put in our privacy policies will be updated on this site. Please check from time to time to be in the course of our rules.