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Best New Bookmakers 2024

The sports betting industry is vast and constantly expanding, so new bookmakers emerge yearly despite serious competition from established brands. 2024 already became an excellent year for online punters, with several new operators joining the fray.

New bookies have a fighting chance by using the latest technologies that improve mobile usability, live betting, and showering prospective players with generous betting bonuses. Keep on reading this guide about the brand newest online bookmakers of 2024 and learn how to find, choose and make the most of the new wave of online bookies.

There are lots of new online sportsbooks, and we will tell you everything you need to know about them and cover some of the best new bookmakers that 2024 has to offer. This way, you will be able to choose the perfect bookie for the most accessible sport to bet on and get started!


The Benefits of Playing at New Betting Sites

Comparing new and existing betting sites gets tricky when generalizing both service types.

However, the bottom line is that although both new and established betting sites may offer a similar product, each has pros and cons.

For example, new online betting sites are much more likely to focus on innovation with a fresh approach to the betting industry. Similarly, these betting sites are popular due to their attractive welcome and sign-up bonuses.

Conversely, existing betting sites have a wealth of experience and a reputation behind them. It all boils down to what bettors want in a betting site. The established betting site is the way to go if they want to play it safe. However, a new bookmaker is their option if they want a new and innovative betting site.


PROS of choosing a new bookmaker 2024

  • New bookmakers have a modern approach to everything, starting with the interface, and they use the latest innovative technologies to provide the best betting experience.
  • Welcome bonus packages and ongoing promotions are usually better at new sportsbooks as they try to attract punters and create their reputation from scratch.
  • Many new bookies prioritize a broad spectrum of payment methods, and some even have included Bitcoin.

CONS of choosing a new bookmaker 2024

  • New bookmakers lack the flawless reputation of a major operator with a long track record.


Features New bookies are likely to have

New bookmakers are notorious for bringing new features that bettors may not have spotted before at the top levels of betting sites.

With innovation the key to succeeding in an already saturated market, new betting sites commonly put their best foot forward with new and exciting features to get players on board. This can include lesser-used features at established betting sites and new technology we've not yet seen.

Bettors may be able to spot the following new and exclusive features when signing up for recently launched sportsbooks.



Although not yet permitted by the UKGC, cryptocurrency is fast becoming a popular payment method, with some accepting betting sites.

With Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin dominating headlines in recent years, it's hardly surprising that the online betting market quickly jumped on the trend. Many cryptocurrency-only betting sites and casinos have already launched in Europe, although these are often paired with questionable licenses and shady company details.

To cut a long and tedious blockchain-based story short, cryptocurrency may have filtered its way into the mainstream.



The option of live-streaming events is a feature offered at many different sports betting sites and is popular among the best new bookmakers.

Bettors can access a live stream of an event and place in-play bets while viewing from supporting platforms. Depending on the bookmaker and sport of choice, bettors can access available live streams by placing a small qualifying bet on the event or by ensuring that their balance with the cashier is positive.

Live streams can be displayed as an actual live feed of the event, much like television coverage would be shown or by dynamic graphics. The vibrant graphics offered by sites such as Bet365 gives insights into events where the video feed is unavailable, offering live updates on the action as a video live stream alternative.



Ever wished you could build your bet on a match from scratch by combining those three or four selections you've been eyeing up on the same game?

Bet-builders sometimes termed differently as a same-game multi or build-a-bet, allow you to do exactly that, combining selections from unopposing markets on the same fixture.

These bets can add interest to the prominent televised fixture and give punters the chance to test their knowledge by selecting from player-specific markets alongside the more obvious match result. 

All your selections will have to be successful for the bet-builder to win, but this type of bet is becoming increasingly popular in recent years.


Odds boosts

Many new and existing bookmakers will offer their punters incentives to remain betting with them, and one of these incentives could come in the form of regular odds boosts.

These are offered to punters in different guises and can be called price boosts or daily specials, and they usually involve a handful of bets throughout the day's action that has been boosted in price before kick-off.

There are other ways bookmakers can boost odds, too, with Kwiff being an example of a bookmaker that randomly 'supercharges' the occasional bet allowing you to get crazy long odds on a bet you were set to place anyway!

Some bookies offer you the chance to boost your odds for a week, while others will provide massive price enhancements for a minimal time – so you have to be on the ball to take advantage of those.

There will likely be maximum stake restrictions applied to some of these boosts, and you should always be aware of the terms and conditions of any of these promotion styles.


How to Select a New Bookmaker

Here are some key points you should pay special attention to when choosing a new bookie to play at:


  • The available payment methods

Before depositing at any random best betting sites, it is advised to go through the terms and conditions and the section where they mention the payment methods available for withdrawal, including the minimum and maximum limits related.

  • Availability of the desired language

Investing in a site with language options in which a punter is comfortable is crucial.

  • The types of bonuses and promotions available

Plenty of new bookies of 2024 display a vast amount of tempting offers, and selecting the correct option with the highest profit-making promotional offers and bonuses is the way to win the bet. You should explore legitimate sites and find the bookmaker that is suitable with a fair bonus and claim it.

  • Payout odds

To profit from the online sports gambling experience, one should always check out and search the odd limits of the selected bookie. The percentage varies from one platform to another, but it is advised to search for a fair amount from a place that looks legitimate.

  • Features and options available

Features like live streaming and live betting cash out are some characteristics one should look out for landing the best functional website. Going through the Best Online Bookmakers reviews will uncover specific details about these.

  • Customer support system check

Just like having a 24/7 service center nearby is essential while considering buying a specific device, having an active and competent customer support service is vital while opting for a bookie.


Responsible Gambling Features at New Betting Sites


Self-Exclusion and Self-Limitation

Many sportsbooks allow users to set limits on the amount they can play. You can set up this kind of "self-limitation" property directly in your online bookie account.

Punters who want to stop online gambling completely – on a temporary or permanent basis – have the option of self-exclusion. You can exclude yourself directly from your sportsbook of choice or contact state gaming authorities to exclude yourself from all gambling within your state of residence.


Cooling Off Period

This is a form of self-exclusion but generally over shorter time scales. Cooling-off periods can last anywhere from 5 minutes upwards and stop you from betting during this time. This is crucial in games and casino sections where bets are accepted by the second.

Turning off the possibility to bet for 5 minutes can often be enough to assess and think about if you still want to keep gambling.


Deposit Limits And Loss Limits

This is the most accessible tool to mitigate any gambling losses. Most new sportsbooks provide this service. A setting option allows you to limit your deposit during a specific time slot, usually a week or a month. The system will prevent you from depositing further when you reach this limit. Some betting sites have loss limit restrictions, e.g., allowing you to set your losses at £100/week. Once you select a limitation, you will have to wait for another period (week or month) to change the restriction.

This, again, requires willpower, and there is no point in using this service if you go to another site and bet when your limit is up.


Time Restrictions, Session Timers, And Time Out Tools

These are gradually becoming more common and allow you to restrict time spent on a betting site in many ways. You have options of an overall time restriction that limits your time on the site in a single session or day.

Time-out tools are mainly used to limit your time on sports bets, games, slots, and casinos. These can be configured manually but cannot be changed right away.


Partial Exclusion / Limited Access

These services, when available, are beneficial. They essentially let you exclude yourself from certain site sections or limit access to those sections. It is well known that people will often sign up to bet on sports but end up losing far more on games, slots, and casino sections.

Limiting access to sections where you find issues in controlling your gambling allows you to enjoy still placing a bet without the added temptations.


Using Customer History To Control Betting

Keeping track of your betting is sometimes all you need to do to help you gamble responsibly. The real advantage of online betting is that you can digitally track your betting by period, type, section, etc. All operators offer customer betting history, which can often be downloaded in excel format for your records.



Can I join several new betting sites at once?

It is possible to register for accounts with many new bookies and even apply for bonuses at several of them at once. Some sportsbooks that belong to the same gambling group might impose specific restrictions, but this is the exception, not the rule.


Why do new bookmakers have to verify an account?

It prevents fraud by age identity, credit card usage, and duplicate registrations by securing the verification details and verifying an account of the punter before enabling any transaction process.


Can I use PayPal with new bookies?

This depends on what website you are using, although most of the recognized bookies accept PayPal.


Can I deposit in the latest betting sites with Crypto?

Yes, some bookmakers allow for cryptocurrency payments that will enable unparalleled speed and privacy. Prime examples are 1XBit, Stake, and FortuneJack.


Are new online bookmakers safe?

Yes, the new online bookmakers are safe if they have a valid license and the site is loud and clear about it. Transparency is an indicator of safety.


Should I avoid new bookies?

No, one should explore new options, but with due carefulness to make sure that the platform is legit.


Do all new betting platforms have welcome bonuses?

Most of the new bookmakers do, but some don't. Welcome packages usually include free bets and match bonuses.


How can I deposit money in new sportsbooks?

The sportsbook website would feature directions about deposit and withdrawal as well as formalities and prerequisites of the process.


Can a bookmaker refuse to pay out?

A bookmaker can refuse a payout, but it would need reasonable grounds for it - and even if that is the case, you could still contest this in the courts.

There have been several high-profile cases with punter vs goliath (bookmaker) over recent years. Notably with bet365 and Coral.

In the end, the cases are usually settled amicably in favor of the bettor.

Most cases of a sportsbook refusing to payout have come about through a misunderstanding or lack of knowledge about the rules of an event by the gambler.


Can new betting sites compete with more prominent bookmakers?

It can do so considering the market demand.


Which sports are popular with new bookmakers?

Football, tennis, basketball, and fighting sports are the classic choices in both old and new bookmakers. Moreover, esports attract more players' interest, which will only increase over time.


How often do new bookmakers come to market?

It is hard to come by high-quality, trustworthy new bookmakers; while many new sites are launching globally, they are not all worth looking at.

Each new bookmaker must meet strict criteria not only be granted a license but also be successful with punters. Sites that don't offer many promotions, low odds, few markets, and lack any loyalty scheme are unlikely to prosper in the incredibly competitive betting world.

Therefore, we focus on the best new bookmakers that we think will be valuable instead of highlighting every single one that comes to market.


What types of bonus offers can I claim at new bookies?

When you check out one of our recommended best new betting sites, standard bonus offers you can find include a free bet or a risk-free bet that consists of a free wager on the sportsbook. Other options are deposit matches that give you a percentage of bonus cash on top of a deposit you initially make.


Do new betting sites stick to a responsible gambling policy?

All the new sports betting sites licensed by the UKGC (or another respected gambling regulator) must adhere to responsible gambling regulations. These platforms will allow you to take time outs, self-exclude, and impose limits upon your play while providing excellent help and advice.


Which are the top sports on new bookies?

Our recommended new betting platforms offer a wide range of sports and markets, and all will display a great range of bets and odds on the top sports, such as football, cricket, rugby, tennis, and much more. You can also find Best Online Gambling Sites & Casinos here.


Do the best new bookmakers have live streams?

Not all, but some do offer live streams. It is challenging to obtain live streams early on, but some of the best new online betting sites for new bettors have done so.


Can I make accumulators with the new bookmakers?

Of course, you can pile up more than three bets on top of each other with any new bookmakers in 2024, and you will have made one.